What is the Mundo?

I am the very happy owner of a Yuba Mundo Cargo bike, a purpose-built, long-tail, heavy-duty bike that is built to be a serious replacement for a carbon-emitting vehicle. I'm learning more every day what a bike can do, and I'm becoming convinced that a cargo bike with an electric assist is a truly fantastic machine!

Tuesday, March 20, 2012

So I got the mundo last weekend, and when I picked it up I had to wait a few minutes for the shop to open up (Ferris Wheels Bike Shop in Jamaica Plain), so I stopped in to the local coffee shop (Fiore's Bakery).  As I was waiting, another cargo bike, a Surly Big Dummy pulled up outside and it was Evan Greer with his friend Josh, and their kids.  Nice to see them, and as it turns out they were the first people to see my new Mundo.  Nice!
Then on Monday I was riding around town and ended up seeing a bunch of other people who wanted to check out the fabulousness of the mundo,  so it's been a very social experience so far.  Obviously, people are curious, but beyond that the bike moves at a slower pace than my road bike, and I am in a more upright riding position, so it feels a lot more open to what is going on around me.
And then today Paula came with me on a ride over to the Worcester Art Museum for our Tai Chi class, and we had a beautiful ride on this summer-like evening, stopping for fish tacos on the way back at Sol of Mexico.  So far, the Mundo is proving to be all I had hoped for!

Here's a picture of me and my mundo at my local coffee shop, Espress Yourself, living the life :-)
Iced Coffee, free wifi, and the Mundo.  Perfect!

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  1. Sounds fun! I like your blog, it makes me miss Worcester. Especially Espress Yourself and Sol of Mexicos fish tacos!
    Keep on telling us about the Mundo!