What is the Mundo?

I am the very happy owner of a Yuba Mundo Cargo bike, a purpose-built, long-tail, heavy-duty bike that is built to be a serious replacement for a carbon-emitting vehicle. I'm learning more every day what a bike can do, and I'm becoming convinced that a cargo bike with an electric assist is a truly fantastic machine!

Monday, March 19, 2012

Picked up my new Yuba Mundo cargo bike this past weekend of St. Patrick's Day, just in time for a summer weather preview.  Great riding already!  Spent this afternoon riding around town, ended up at the coffee shop to sit in the sun and look up how to run a blogger site.


  1. Obviously haven't learned much yet ;-)

    1. Wow...that was a bit harsh. I suppose you (Cosmos) were born blogging then,and had no learning curve? Way to spread encouragement =/

      The DC

    2. LOL,embarrassed,it didn't occur to me you were speaking amongst yourself at the time of my reply,LOL! I was thinking someone was being rude to someone about their first post,then a light bulb came on above my head... :p

      The DC