What is the Mundo?

I am the very happy owner of a Yuba Mundo Cargo bike, a purpose-built, long-tail, heavy-duty bike that is built to be a serious replacement for a carbon-emitting vehicle. I'm learning more every day what a bike can do, and I'm becoming convinced that a cargo bike with an electric assist is a truly fantastic machine!

Sunday, June 10, 2012

A Saturday Morning on the Mundo

So yesterday morning I had a lot to do before opening the Earn-a-Bike shop at 11.  It was a beautiful, cool morning, so after a quick breakfast I got the Mundo out and headed over to the store for some groceries.  Wasn't going to have time later, we had to leave Worcester right after Earn-a-Bike at 4 to go down to the Cape to see my parents.  They have just arrived at their Hyannis area house for the summer, and always need a little help settling in.  They are both in their late 80's now, but doing well!

Anyway, went to the local organic food store and got some things that I'll need when we get back (Especially coffee: I like a mix of the Sumatran and Ethiopian from Roastmeister, another great Worcester endeavor).
The electric Mundo, a hybrid electric/human powered vehicle next to the Prius Gas/electric hybrid.  Give me human/electric anyday.

 Ran into my friend Dave M. who was also out and about early on a Saturday.  Nice to see him, and then it was back home to put away the food and then take the go-getter bag off the bike so I could go drop off some old books at the Goodwill and then to Home Depot and get some mulch.
Boxes of books on the rack for the Goodwill store.

Three 50 lb. bags, lashed them to the rear rack, and headed back home to make the container garden area look a little nicer.  Needed to lay down the mulch under the containers so we wouldn't have the problem of grass growing all around them.  Also, on my way to HD another friend pedaled up behind me and said hi.  He was on his way home from his 6 am Saturday morning group ride.  Worcester is such a great place to be in the summer!
Loaded up with mulch!

So I got a lot accomplished and had a great time riding and seeing friends, and as usual some of the people at Home Depot were really interested in the Mundo, it's always fun to be out talking to people about what a bike can do!
Mulch for the container garden.  Kale and tomatoes, CSA for the rest :-)

And just for fun, here's a picture of me and my mother down at North Bay after getting her boat put together on the beach, ready for a summer of easy sailing!
My mother and I with the main hull of the Windrider trimaran at its summer home on the beach at North Bay.

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